Amazing Cave

Situated in the centre of the UNESCO-declared World Heritage area, the  Amazing Cave (or Sung Sot or Surprise Grotto) is on Bo Hon Island, and is one of the finest and widest grottoes of Ha Long Bay. Ascending to the grotto, the way is covered by trees and foliage, and consists of great paved stone blocks.

Amazing Cave - Halong BayAmazing Cave - Halong Bay

Sung Sot Cave is on the same island with Trinh Nu cave. The path to Sung Sot is quite steep and is lined with shady trees. The cave has 2 chambers. The outer chamber is square and is often referred to as the waiting room. The cave’s ceiling is approximately 30 m high. The walls are almost perfectly smooth as if it was built by man. The walls generate a variety of colors that blend with the setting of the area.

Amazing cave - Halong BayAmazing cave - Halong Bay

Inside the cave there have thousands of stalactites and stalagmites along the 500-meter paved passage. Light posts line the passage and serve as signposts and ornaments, illuminating various hidden shapes. The artificial additions may not be to everyone’s taste, but the space is impressive nonetheless.

Amazing cave - Halong BayAmazing cave - Halong Bay

Sung Sot Cave is partitioned into two chambers; the first one being similar to a wide theater hall. Many stalactites hang from the high ceiling, with numerous possible forms and shapes. A narrow passage leads to the second rooms, where a flow of light meets visitors. The ceiling rises 100 feet about your head and the floor space, big enough to hold one thousand people at a time measures an astonishing 110,000 square feet.

Sung Sot Cave - Halong BayAmazing Cave - Sung Sot Cave

Not only Sung Sot cave, on coming to Halong Bay, travellers will have chance to see many other Halong caves like Tam Cung CaveLuon CaveBo Nau GrottoMe Cung Grotto

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