Luon Cave


Far about 14 km from Bai Chay to the south, Luon Cave is situated in Bo Hon Island. In front of the cave is Turtle Island and Heaven Gate on the right. Here, tourists will have a chance to admire steep cliffs; the water is clear blue year round and as smooth as a mirror. The water’s edge is a bow-shaped gate opened at the foot of the island. Crossing Turtle Island – the “gate” right at the entrance, Luon Cave opened up calm peaceful clear blue waters.


Luon Cave in Halong Bay


The reason why the cave called Luon Cave is relatively iconic. It is a circular mountainous arc with a blue lake in the middle, and flows into the sea by a tunnel created by a spectacular and extremely mysterious cave. Through the beautiful entrance gate, tourists will meet a calm circular lake surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, craggy cliffs, shady ancient trees, and charming blooming orchids. In particular, under the calm blue water surface is the vibrant life of the marine species such as shrimp, fish, crab, squid… Thanks to its diverse flora, tourists comfortably immerse natural landscapes which are completely preserved. In particular, there is a “tourism specialty” which is immensely preferred by tourists, namely, boating to the foot of the mountain to contemplate the golden monkeys and photograph them. Experiencing Luon Cave is an exciting journey when tourists have an opportunity to discover and enjoy the wonders of nature by kayaking. Luon Cave is thus among must-see attractions in Halong Bay.


Luon Cave in Halong Bay


As one of appealing Halong attractions, Luon Cave is nearly 60m long and 2.5m to 4m high only depending on the tide. Brackish water lake in the cave is surrounded by four mountain sides with the width of approximately 1 km2. Bow-shaped arch strongly attracts tourists thanks to wonderful and miraculous stalactites. Setting foot on here, tourists are seemly lost in the paradise of the sparkling and extremely eye-catching stalactites. The lake inside looks like a stadium with towering standing and circling around. There are also many beautiful ferns and orchids. It is home to the fossil freshwater shells which are the remains of ancient people’s shelters and a deep valley here as well.


Luon Cave in Halong Bay


The cruise ships are not allow entering inside the cave but anchored near the entrance. Tourists will be given to the small boats to get into the cave. Each can carry about 10 to 15 people.  Tourists are also equipped lifesaver in the journey of exploring Luon Cave. There are not many such types of caves in Halong Bay, yet the most appealing impression attracting tourists here is the natural scenery. It is a harmonious combination of mountainous shape, water colors, heaven and earth, and plants. It seems not to find defective in the Creator’s creation.


Kayak through Luon Cave - Halong Bay


Luon Cave has been one of the most appealing attractions for international tourists for years when participating in Halong Bay travel. Thanks to immense scenery, majestic mountains next to the successive caves, Luon Cave in particular and Halong Bay tourism in general will certainly offers exciting experiences on the journey of discovering one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world.