The Ship


Conceptualized as a bay explorer, our ship was built with the most up-to-date technology, high safety level, and an array of today modern amenities which enabling us to slow down exploring the cruise route of 2-day sleeper ship within 5 hours. 

Deck plan



The restaurant

Indulge in the sea breath, gaze at the unique view of a unique place and let the authentic traditional local dishes impress you with their delicate, pure flavor, locally produced vegetable and the perfect blend of layers taste given by Vietnamese herb, spices and nature.

Measuring to 60 square meters, the restaurant is located on the forward deck, surrounded by panoramic windows providing beautiful views of the bay wonder. Dining room accommodates up to 48 guests .


Wego Halong Restaurant Wego Halong Restaurants
Overview Wego Halong Wego Halong Restaurants





At the level high of 5 meters above the sea, sundeck is perfected place for relaxing and enjoying  great fun activities under the sun and surrounded spectacular natural wonders. 


Wego Halong Sundeck Wego Halong Sundeck
Wego Halong Sundeck Wego Halong Sundeck