Titop Island

Located in the central of UNESCO World Heritage, Titov Island (also known as Titop) is approximately 7-8km to the southeast of Halong Bay. Along with Ba Trai Dao IslandTiTov Island is one of the most perfect destinations in Halong Bay for swimming, kayaking, and climbing.

Titop Island - Halong BayTitop Island - Halong Bay

In French colonial period, Ti Top Island was called Cat Nang Island. In 1962, the island was named after Russian cosmonaut Gherman Stepanovich Titov, a hero of the former Soviet Union, to mark the historic visit of President Ho Chi Minh and G. Titov to Ti Top Island on November 22nd 1962.

Titop Island is usually a beautiful stop of cruising on Halong Bay and always a must-visit beach of tourists when they come to Halong Bay. The island seems to be a heaven of relaxation in Halong with a beach is in the shape of crescent moon, blue water, white sand and quiet atmosphere. There is a range of tourist services such as hotel, restaurants, etc.