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Welcome aboard Go Halong Superior Cruise,

Wegohalong cruise was born for offering superior cuising service to international travelers to visit Halong Bay. The ship was built in 2019 with steel materials and wooden decors combining traditional shipping method with modern technology. This ship is designed for hosting maximum 45 passengers aboard with well-equipped restaurant and a mini bar with a list of beverage helping passengers chill out aboard. it has a large sundeck where passengers may sunbath or comfortably sit to enjoy the magnificient Halong Bay landscape.

            Wellcome aboard We Go Cruise

To satisfy passengers, crew member offers you a lunch aboard while you are cruising through thousands of limestone islands in the Wonder of the World. There are 6 crew members on this ship to provide service and make the ship cruise as its itinerary.

                Wellcome aboard We Go Cruise

For Itinerary, it will follow Route 1 or Route 2 depending on schedule of tour operator. With Route 1, it would cruise to Thien Cung cave and kayaking in Ba Hang floating house with 4 hour cuising. For longer Route 2, it will cruise to Titov island and Sung Sot cave and stop at Luon cave for kayaking or bamboo boat riding, this route last about 6 hours.

We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy cruising with us.

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